AGH Design Annex Desk

Retail cash and reception desk

Materials: Douglas Fir plywood, while plastic laminate, copper foil

This project melds the worlds of the natural and the synthetic, while being an object alive with change.

We were approached by the Art Gallery of Hamilton to create a cash desk for their new satellite venture, the AGH Design Annex. They wanted a piece that reflected the mandate of the Annex, to promote and provide well-designed, well-built design objects, while at the same time accommodating all the necessary functions of a cash/reception desk. A balance was struck between a focus on natural and man-made materials, while creating ample and organized storage and counter space that accommodates two cash terminals, a gift-wrapping area and display space. The copper countertop is left unfinished and as such builds an ever evolving patina of hand prints, coffee cup rings and scratches.