Tecumseth Side Tables

Dimensions: 15 1/2” x 15 1/2” x 20 5/8” / Materials: white oak, ash, and African sipo with contrasting wooden pulls

Originally designed for IDS, Studio North Limited Editions.

The Tecumseth side tables honour the ideas that inspired the Arts & Crafts style of the early 20th-century, bringing them into a contemporary context. The Arts & Crafts style was typified by clean utilitarian designs free from superfluous decorative elements, and feature exposed joinery in place of Victorian filigrees. Tecumseth’s unadorned emphasis on line, plane, and materiality make it a decidedly modern take on this century old movement.

Tecumseth’s joinery consists of 30 hand-cut dovetails. While a quick glance might betray otherwise, in fact subtle inconsistencies in the angle of the tails and their spacing can be detected. By cutting this essential element by hand, the crispness of the overall design is softened by the inevitable irregularities that result. So often this trope of quality craftsmanship is executed mechanically producing a sterile and regular joint, resulting in a sterile and regular piece of furniture. In the Tecumseth this quintessential and ancient woodworking joint is integrated in to a warm and modern side table.

A dovetailed drawer box with Western red cedar bottom slides easily, and fits snugly, in the opening; no hardware required. The drawers close with a satisfying whoosh as the last bit of air is expelled from the opening.

This piece can be displayed freestanding or wall-mounted via French cleat.